Adopted:8/27/81, Revised: 9/3/98, 8/1/01, 9/26/02, 1/26/05, 10/25/06, 9/21/07, ††† Code: VI-D-2
††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 7/30/08

Reference:††† WVDE Policy 2510, WV State Code 18.20.1, ††††††††††††††††††††† Page 1 of 2

WVDE Attendance Policy





Homebound instruction is to be provided when a student has an injury, communicable illness, or health condition that has been diagnosed by a licensed physician and will require her or him to be homebound or hospitalized for a period that has lasted or will last more than three weeks.In case of mentalor emotional illness, the approval of a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist is required.

The approval/signature must be from a psychologist, psychiatrist, or licensed physician.Physicians assistants, therapist, counselors, nurses or clerical staff are not permitted to make recommendations or sign the application.No student shall be granted Homebound Services based on the scheduling of future appointments.A treatment plan and timelines developed by a psychologist or psychiatrist for the return to school must accompany the application.Failure to remit this plan will result in rejection of homebound services.The Director of Student Services reserves the right to confer with the acting physician, psychologist, or psychiatrist regarding the treatment plan and progress of the applying student.


Summers County Schools will provide certified teachers to serve homebound students. All requests should be directed to the Director of Student Services located at the Summers County Board of Education, 116 Main Street, Hinton, WV.


All homebound students must be enrolled in a Summers County School. The county board may require that the parents obtain a second physician's opinion at the expense of the county board. Students receiving homebound services will not be permitted to work.Students receiving homebound services will be required to receive prior approval from the school's principal before attending school functions.


The procedure for getting a homebound teacher is as follows:


1.†† Student/Parent provides the information necessary to complete an application form available from the office of Summers County Director of Student Service.

2.†† Student/Parent takes the application form to a doctor for completion of her/his report.

3.†† Application form must be signed by a licensed physician, psychologist or psychiatrist.

4.†† Application form is, then, returned to the Summers County Director of Student Services.

5.†† If approved, homebound teacher(s) will be assigned by the Director of Student Services.

6.†† Students placed on extended home instruction shall submit a physician's statement of need for continued home instruction when the term of home instruction reaches six months in length.


Scheduling and instruction of homebound students


1.†† Instruction is to start as soon as possible following determination of student's eligibility for instruction.

2.†† Instruction time to be provided is four hours per week for grades K-8 and thirty minutes of instruction per week for each class for grades 9-12.Instruction time may be altered to meet the needs of individual students.After a full grading period, students 9-12 participating in the Career and Technical Education Program may forfeit their grade and or class credit as modifications to the curriculum may not be possible for extended time in settings such as clinical, labs, and/or work-based learning.Hence, students on extended HB may need to repeat those classes in order to graduate.Alterations to schedules will be made following consultation with the doctor, parent, homebound





Adopted:8/27/81, Revised:9/3/98, 8/1/01, 9/26/02, 1/26/05†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Code:VI-D-2

Reference:††††† WVDE Policy 2510, WV State Code 18.20.1,†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Page 2 of 2

††††††††††††††††††††††† WVDE Attendance Policy




††††† teacher, and the regular teacher.All alternative schedules must be approved by the Director of Student Services.

3.†† Home instruction is provided at a time when a responsible adult is in the home.

4.†† The student's teacher(s) shall provide the home instruction teacher with copies of daily lesson plans, including homework assignments, when requested.


Parent/Student Responsibility

1.                  Once the parent and teacher agree on a schedule, it is the responsibility of the parent and student to abide by that schedule unless prior arrangements have been made with the teacher to change the schedule.

2.                  All appointments are to be scheduled at a time when it will not interfere with homebound instruction.

3.                  Students receiving homebound services will not be permitted to work.

4.                  It is the parentís responsibility to see that a responsible adult is home when instruction is scheduled.

5.                  It is the responsibility of the student to complete his/her assignments.

6.                  When instruction is missed, the student will be counted absent as per Summers Countyís Attendance Policy VII-B-3.