Summers County Board of Education Policy

Adopted: 2/27/86 Revised: 2/12/87, 1/9/92, 1/23/97, 12/2/04                                                            Code: V-C-3
Reference:  Board Minutes                                                                                                                          


Summers County Schools shall be open for all days scheduled, except when a condition (or conditions) exists that appears to endanger students or board personnel.

Such condition(s) may include prevalence of contagious disease, condition of weather, or any other calamity, cause or event over which the board has no control.

The Superintendent, under any or all of the above conditions, shall have authority to close the Summers County public schools, pursuant to such further policies, rules or regulations the board may adopt.

In addition to the possibility of canceling school, the superintendent may elect to begin the school day with a one-hour or a two-hour delay. In case the school day is delayed, all buses will run either One hour or two hours later than their normal time. Furthermore, parents should be aware that once a delay has been called the possibility remains that school may still be canceled if weather conditions deteriorate rather than improve.

The superintendent will make the announcement the evening before if at all possible, but if weather conditions change during the night an early morning decision will be made. The following media will be notified of any closing or delay: WJLS Radio of Beckley, WCIR Radio of Beckley, WTNT Radio of Mt. Hope, J104 Radio of Princeton, WMTD Radio of Hinton, Groovy 94.1 in Beckley, WWNR 620 AM in Beckley, WRLB in Ronceverte, Public Radio in Charleston, STAR 95, WVVA Television of Bluefield and WOAY Television of Oak Hill. The notice will also be posted on the Internet at:

County Schools shall be closed on a day-to-day basis.

If schools have been closed or are to be closed due to inclement weather, all extracurricular activities, co-curricular activities, adult education classes, community education events, having been scheduled in buildings or facilities owned, operated, or leased by the Board shall be canceled, including those activities, classes or events which may be held without specific knowledge of or approval by the board.

For the purposes of this policy, "athletic events" shall be defined as all athletic, or sports-related events, which occur as a result of direct student participation (as an extracurricular activity overseen by board employees), including practice, regularly scheduled games, and in- or out-of-county tournament competition, or indirect student participation such as attendance at athletic events held in board owned, operated or leased facilities within the


In the case of athletic events being held out-of-county, county, team and/or individual student participation shall be canceled. The cancellation shall include any ball team practices that board employees may conduct in schools or other facilities located out-of-county. In addition, student participation in extracurricular activities, co-curricular

activities, field trips, classes and/or events being held out-of-county, including those, which may be held without specific knowledge of or approval by the Board, shall be canceled. Varsity and junior high teams will be allowed to practice at the coaches' discretion (when schools are closed due to inclement weather). Varsity and junior high games may be played at the discretion of the principal and/or superintendent (when schools are closed due to inclement weather). The county Superintendent may grant individual exceptions to this policy, although such is discouraged. The Board shall be informed of all exceptions granted.

If it becomes necessary to reschedule ball games regulated by the State Secondary Schools Activities Commission, it is the policy of this board to permit rescheduling of no more than three games during any full school week, unless the limitation will result in incompletion of athletic schedules prior to commencement of WVSSAC play-offs. In this event, the Superintendent may grant an exception to this provision of policy, scheduling more than three games during a full (5-day) school week, providing that the number of rescheduled games during a full (5-day) school week cannot exceed five games.

This policy shall not be construed at limited only to cancellations arising as a result of inclement weather.




On or during canceled school days, the board will provide appropriate alternative work schedules for administrators, teachers, and service personnel affected by the closing of any school or schools for reasons enumerated herein. The alternate work schedule and various classification of employees is a follows:

1. All 240-day employees will report on a two-hour delay schedule. School principals shall be required to check their buildings and report any problems to appropriate school personnel.

2. Teachers, aides, and other instructional personnel shall not be required to report to work.

3. Custodians shall be required to report for work for the purpose of checking buildings (heating systems, frozen pipes, etc.) and to remove snow from walks.

4. Cooks shall not be required to report to work. However, if frozen or perishable foods have been put out, the cook should notify the principal so that he/she may take appropriate action.

5. Secretaries shall not be required to report to work unless employed for a 240-day term. If employed for a 240-day term, refer to Item #1.

6. Transportation Employees will not be required to report to work unless employed for a 240-day term. If employed for a 240-day term, refer to Item #1.

The Superintendent may make exceptions to these alternate work schedules, when in his/her opinion, a particular situation would facilitate a change. The board shall be informed of all exceptions.

Administrators, teachers and service personnel shall receive pay the same as if school was in session. Canceled school days shall be made up in the manner specified by applicable statutes and State Board of Education Rules and Regulations. In addition, it shall be the policy of the Summers County Board, that any fraction of a canceled school day shall count as a full day paid for substitutes and the regular employee shall be required to count that day as a full day out.

In the event the Governor declares a state of emergency which prohibits travel, it shall be the policy of this board that no employee report to work and all full time employees shall receive pay the same as if school were in session.